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Here’s the scoop on what people think of Sam B. Morgan’s books:

Reviews for SLOW BURN

4.5 STARS “This book absolutely brought to the surface the real issues men and women face coming out when they work in a homophobic environment and the fact that sometimes it takes facing who you are to make you see clearly in all aspects of your life…Their sexual encounters were scorching hot, intense, and at times very touching…Well developed and likeable characters, a believable plot line, and beautifully written sex scenes made this one very enjoyable M/M story! —Slick, Guilty Pleasures

5 STARS “It’s been a little while since I’ve read a good m/m book and let me tell you, this was a FANTASTIC way to get back into them. In fact, since finishing Slow Burn I’ve been trying to get my hands on as many good m/m books as I can! This story is so engaging it was hard to put down. From page one I was on the edge of my seat rooting for both Brody and Zack.” — Whats on the Bookshelf

4.5 STARS “The chemistry between Zack and Brody is blistering.” —Hearts on Fire Reviews

5 STARS “I loved this book! It is the first book I`ve read of this author, but I have not only bought Sam`s debut novel. I will be looking for future books!” — Hearts on Fire Reviews


“The story shone when the two men capitulated to the slow burn. The author’s exploration of Zack guiding Brody through the initial forays of uncloseted sex were hot and quite beautiful as they revealed the warmth of care which accompanies genuine love and made me root for this pair even more.” — Rainbow Book Reviews

Reviews for A ROOKIE MOVE

5 STARS  “In a word – delightful! …I have never read any other books by this author and hope that he has a backlist because I’m going hunting. The dialogue and prose were exceptional and at times the dialogue was so funny it made me wonder where he had been hiding and why I had never heard of him. His characters were well drawn and so flawed I felt they were real people rather than characters in a book – the fights were knock down, last man standing as they pushed each other’s buttons as far as they could to get what they wanted.” — Reviews by Jesse Wave

4.5 STARS “This book sucked me in right from the beginning. The gritty and accurate police situations grabbed my attention…The tension between the two men is incredible – both sexually and while they try to work together and figure out their relationship.” — Rantings of a Closet Vamp Princess

4.5 NYMPHSA Rookie Move is an impressive self-discovery romance. The characters are engaging, as well as believable…Sam B. Morgan has created a splendid, as well as enjoyable saga infused with humor, emotional turmoil and incredibly sensual intimacy.” — Literary Nymph Reviews

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